Iron sharpens iron,

and one man sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17 (ESV)

I read an article online on how to sharpen iron. I learned the more dull iron is, it requires more pressure to cut than sharp ones. I also learned that no matter how much you try to take care of the iron it will eventually become dull and will need sharpening!

Dull definition:

  • lacking brightness, vividness, or sheen.
  • slow to understand; stupid.

It’s interesting the more dull the iron is, it needs more pressure to cut and sharpen. Looking back, this is how I was before I was born again, I was completely dull! I mean I lacked understanding of life; but I had the attitude of being tough, prideful, and arrogant. God put more pressure in me to sharpen my relationship with Him. I love that! I always love a challenge especially from God. The more I read the word the more challenging life became to me. Why? because the enemy wants me to fail at everything God puts in front of me. Remember God is our iron and we are His iron and when God is sharpening us He will put more pressure on our attitudes, decision, etc. But the more consistent I was with sticking to Gods word the more blessings and peace I would feel and see happening in my life.

I remember watching Joyce Meyer on my Facebook app and agreeing to everything she says WHILE I was mad at my husband! I would think ‘he needs to watch this because he’s doing this life thing wrong.’ WOW lol so was I! I was a hypocrite, reminds me of this bible verse. “first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.” Matthew 7:5. But I couldn’t see that until God opened my spiritual eyes after doing a lot of sharpening!

After studying the word, listening to great bible teachers, and singing tons of worship music. I felt that God would speak to me daily. When you seek Him you will find yourself in the presence of the Lord everyday, you will have Peace within your soul. I used to feel as if I had a hole in my heart and I was searching for THINGS in order to fill that hole. I would go to the store and buy random stuff to try and fill my void within my soul. As if materialistic stuff would fill me up?! Guaranteed it wouldn’t! That Love I needed was in my Heavenly Father.

The Lord made me realize that we can not just read the bible, we must apply it to our daily life in order to see His will be done in our life. As time went by I was hungry to learn more about how God can help me everyday. I read scripture everyday, worship Godly songs, praise His name, use His word when I know the enemy is using someone against His will. We have to learn to live a pure, clean, and Godly life. But as we now know that no matter how much we try to keep Gods word in our life there will be a time we go dull. God will have to strengthen us through our life in order to bless us with more. Going forward, keep in mind, when going through difficult times, it is a test from God to lean on Him and His word, and not on our flesh.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I seek contentment in the people around me?
  • Where do I feel less bright?
  • Am I helping other people when their light shuts off?
  • How can I help those around me?

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