The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.

I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

John 10:10

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Our only enemy is the devil. The devil has an army (of evil spirits) that come into your life to steal your strength and make you think your weak, steal your happiness so that your day or month or week or year go against God's word! He came to kill your joy so that you think you're a failure. He came to destroy your health, destroy your family's blessings BUT!!.. our Lord Jesus Christ came so that you enjoy your life and live it abundantly!
*Abundantly: having plenty of.

Everything that was said that the enemy came to do goes right out the window! Because Christ came to give you life and plenty of it! The only way the enemy has the space to steal, kill, and destroy is if we CHOOSE to submit to him and allow him to use our mind to influence your decisions. Decide every morning to submit to the Lord instead of leaving your mind blank.

My sister and I were studying the bible and reading "Matchless" by Angie Smith . She explains that our mind is like a blank canvas and we need to DECIDE what we are going to paint on it. This is so true, we must learn to paint our own canvas with the direction of God. He gave us His word to live by, His commandments to follow, and our life to live for Him. It is our responsibility to choose God's way, to choose positivity, to choose purity, to choose Holiness regardless of what others are doing. What are you going to paint on your canvas today?

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