About us

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Woman Of God 91 Ministry

My husband and I, Luis and Ashley Gonzalez, decided to start our ministry in 2020. We truly believe that the Bible is our guide to life! If it wasn’t for the Bible I, Ashley, would not have been saved today. God used my husband’s Bible to let me know that would be the first Book I would ever read. I thank Him for this!

Endurances and struggles that we have gone through have proven, God will never leave us nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). Knowing the emptiness in our souls is what brought me, Ashley, to realize God’s word is truly the only way.

Woman Of God 91 is determined and laser focused on supplying every Woman around the globe a Bible. We also teach to understand His word and how to apply it to your daily life. I also provide individual Bible study and can help lead you through life with the Holy Spirits guidance! We can provide resources that may help you on your journey to knowing Christ.

Financial support is needed. We would love to partner with you and help spread the Good News to Woman all over the world. Send us an email at contact@womanofgod91.com

Woman Of God 91 Ministry LLC