Bible Coaching

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Walk by Faith not by sight!

In this package you will become a “Doer of His word” James 1:22

In this investment I will help guide you into a different lifestyle! Doing God’s word which will lead to accomplishing God’s will. When we align our life to God’s will, this helps you realize what your spiritual gifts are and be satisfied in every circumstance. Philippians 4:11

1 Month Course

Seek first the Kingdom of God

In this investment you will learn to prioritize! prioritize! prioritize God’s word! I will teach you to fill your schedule with the Bible. Learn to change bad habits into Godly habits. Learn to keep up with life and God’s word not this world!

2 week course

Life changing phone call

This one phone call will help guide you. Realize what you need to do to study God’s word everyday and what has been holding you back.

30 min phone call

Still in doubt? Schedule a free call with us: Coaching 15 min call

Investing in your journey to a Godly life.